Torsåstuppen - In English
Born in 1941 in Gullaboås, Torsås Municipality. I come 
from a family where it always seemed natural to make your 
own toys and articles for everyday use.
To me it was so natural that it was first at a mature age 
that I realized how big the gift is to be able to make yourself 
the things that you are surrounded by in this life.

As a child I started carving pine bark. This wonderful 
natural material is so supple that even delicate children 
hands are able to shape figures of imagination. My father 
fitted us with tools and showed us how to use them. My 
elder brothers instructed me too. As for our woodwork 
my mother said she had never seen more beautiful things. 
This is how my career as a handicrafter began.

My creativity was trained and my view of life was founded
during this period. The basic skills as a handicrafter was 
given me by my father, Arvid Jonsson, alias Tupp-Arvid. 
Later I continued my training at professional schools of
carpentry. I have studied a year at the Capellagården at 
Öland and also attended different courses at the Home for 
Arts and Crafts, Sätergläntan. During my professional life 
I have worked as a carpenter and as a cabinet and furnishing
maker. I have also been an instructor and at a rehabilitation
center and an occupational therapist for woodwork. For 
many years been I have been carving the Torsås rooster, 
the symbol of our municipality.

Earlier I worked as a pattern maker at Adtranz Train 
Factory at Kalmar. From time to time I have also given 
instruction at handicraft courses. In 1997 I was elected 
Swedish master of wooden ladle carving and in 1998 I got 
the handicraft award of Kalmar Län. I am also proud to 
annonce that I was the designer of record-size spoon of 
Gullabo, verified in 2000 by representatives from the 
Guinness Book of Records as the largest wooden spoon 
in the world. It was also exhibited at the World Exhibition 
in Hannover, Expo 2000. I am also the designer of the big 
Torsås rooster of stainless steel, located in the center 
of Torsås.

Art work fascinates me, both wood work and other kinds of
handicraft. The Torsås rooster and the carving is my
distinguishing mark, that precedes everything. I`m working 
to get more time to develop myself and the products and 
ideas that haven`t been able to finish yet. Other interests 
are existential questions and matters. Sometimes I write 
poems and discourses. Photographing, hunting and nature
experiences also is a great part of my life.

I feel happy doing handicraft. I believe in its intrinsic value,
because it has a great purpuse to serve in a world that gets
more and more technical. The products of the technocrats 
risk to make life empty and meaningless. Datachips may be 
of great use in its proper context, but they can never replace 
the feelings, the experiences and the vital kinship with nature.

The handicraft workshop is located in the forest of Gullabo,
Torsås Municipality. In our guestbook you will find visitors 
from most countries of the world. Their Majesties the King 
and the Queen of Sweden paid a visit to our handicraft 
workshop on their royal tour of the country.

When visiting Sweden, welcome to Tupp-Arvid`s old 
handicraft workshop. We appreciate if you let us know when 
you are planning on a visit so that we are at home.

Kjell Arvidsson
Gullaboås 5113
385 95 Torsås


Phone: +46-486-21466, 31311
Cellphone: +46-70-3947992
Fax: +46-486-21466

Handicraft samples  
Click for bigger picture

Newly carved
waiting to be


Brothers Rolf and
Kjell Arvidsson in
their workshop


The roosters are made in standard sizes of 10, 15, 17, 20, 
25 and 32 centimeters height. They are even made larger,
between 40 centimeters and one meter, depending on supply
of the proper material.

The Karela 
shield, an order 
work. The weapon 
shield is cut from 
one piece of birch 
wood cut from 
one piece of birch


Nearest in
picture, the
spoon from
Crowing birthday
present. Own 
MIK (an marketing 
firm in the county of 
Kalmar) gives each 
year this honour price, 
Kalmartrissan, for best
marketing in the county. Cut from a birch
board. Own design in 
collaboration with MIK.
Rocky. Own design. Rocking rooster. Own
design. Photo: Peter
Eleanor. Design: Michael
Karlsson. Photo: Fredrik
Funkmonster. Design:
Robert Hagenström
Bowl Furniture. Height 72 cm,
width 42 cm. Design:
Ann-Catrine Åkerman


Renovation works
Made two torches and 
two angel heads to Torsås
church in 2010, which
replaced the stolen


Angel heads, 21 cm high.
Photo: Peter Diedrichs
Torch, 45 cm high. 
Photo: Ronny Fransson.
Complete renovation Björn
Ramel Graphic medical
through Torsås Center.
Photo: Toivor Mellström.

Selection of beer chickens
They were used as shells. Also known as
gifts, for exampel the groom gift.